Book a Desk for yourself via QR Code (Mobile)

SiQ Mobile App


When you are in the office and walked up to a desk you want to book, now you can quickly scan the desk's QR Code and book the desk for today or into the future.

Follow the Steps

Form the SiQ Mobile Home, tap the QR Code icon.


The QR Code scan is active and now you will need to hover your device over the QR Code.,


The QR Code is read super fast and up displays the desk.


Tap to select either 1h, 4hrs, All Day, or Other. Remember when you tap Other this will let you make a desk booking in the future.

Let's make the booking for today so tap the All Day button and then tap the BOOK button.


Well done you have booked the desk!

Remember if your company is using the Health Screening then you will need to complete this first before checking into the desk.


As you are using the desk today, it is time to check-in and this confirms you are using the desk.

Tap the OK button to display the desk booking.


Tap the Check-in button.


You are successfully checked into the desk and ready to get on with your day's work.