Schedule a meeting room for a future date (Mobile)

SiQ Mobile App


You can book ad hoc meeting rooms or you can schedule meeting rooms for future dates on both SiQ Web and SiQ Mobile. 

On the SiQ Mobile app you can choose a meeting room based on meeting room capacity and assets  like conference room speakers or wheelchair accessibility

This article will walk you through scheduling a meeting room for a future date on the SiQ Mobile App. 


Book a meeting room for a future date

Follow these steps to book a meeting room for a future date on SiQ Mobile:

On your SiQ App home screen, tap Meeting Room.

In the Search field type in a building, city, state, floor, or name. You can also choose a Last Searched location listed below the search field. Tap a location.

Choose a date and time for your meeting.

You can tap Meeting Room Capacity to find meeting rooms that fit your number of attendees.

Tap Assets to find meeting rooms that have specific assets such as an HDMI cable or wheelchair accessibility,  When finished selecting assets, tap Apply

Review your meeting room settings and tap Find Meeting Rooms.

Scroll down to view available floors. Then tap Select Meeting Room on your desired floor. 

Pinch the screen to zoom in-and-out of the floor plan; then tap your desired meeting room. Alternatively, at the bottom of the screen swipe through meeting room options. When you locate your desired meeting room, tap Book at the bottom of the screen. 

You will see confirmation that you're booked, and your new meeting room booking with show up on your home screen.