Troubleshooting - User can't log in to SiQ



When your buisiness is set up with SFTP to populate your Employee Data and the User data comes from SSO Identity Provider (IdP) and their is a delay in the User Data fom the SSO IdP.

The following will occur:

1. Employee data is transfer via SFTP. This means the new employees are now in SiQ.


2. There is a delay of the User data from the SSO IdP, so the new employees User data is not in SiQ.

Note: The delay can be caused from the external ERP System being updated before the SSO IdP is updated.

3. Employee manually logs in to SiQ. Now, the employee now has a username and password in SiQ.


4. User data from the SSO IdP comes into SiQ. 


5. Employee can't manually log into SiQ. Now, the SSO credentials are in SiQ system the login function will not regconise the manual credentials of username and password. 



If your business expereinces this situation then you will need to contact the SiQ Support team so they can correct employee's credentials and then the employees will be able to login via SSO.