When to Set up Remote Employees and No Desk Needed Employees

You can be designate employees as Remote or as No Desk Needed the following ways:

Remote Employees

These employees will not be coming back into the office or they have no office near them to go to. They will either work strictly from home or are a field worker.

If they need to visit an office, then before they come in they will need to book a hoteling desk.


No Desk Needed Employees

These employees are part of the back-to-work hybrid model, where they have an office near their home location.

Before they come into the office they will book a hoteling desk.


Unseated Employees in the Floor Map

On the Floor Plan, the Unseated list only contains those employees that need to be assigned a primary desk; as such. the Unseated list can be considered a to-do list of employees waiting to be seated. So, Remote employees and No Desk Needed employees do not appear on the Unseated list.