2021 August Product Release

SiQ is evolving with your needs. We hope you enjoy the added functionality and value of these recent updates.

August updates: 

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SiQ Mobile App Update

It's time to update the SiQ mobile app! Let your employees know that they can download the SiQ Mobile App update on the Apple Apple Store or Google Play. 

  • Updates include bug fixes and back-end improvements that will keep your app in tip-top shape.
  • Your SiQ Mobile App is updated like any other mobile app; the update is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play.  

Your app will still work without the updates, but we encourage all SiQ Mobile users to update so they can experience the latest SiQ enhancements on their app.

SiQ Open Enrollment Courses

All SiQ training is FREE and available until the end of the year!

Sign up for a course on the SpaceIQ Learning Portal

Course 1: Intro to SiQ

Get a solid overview of SiQ by learning where to find and use key features that will allow you to have the most impact on your company. You’ll learn how to manage employees, pull key reports and get an overview of buildings and floors, and more!

Course 2: Optimize SiQ

Building off the “Intro to SiQ” course, take a deep dive into how to reach your Workplace Management goals using SiQ. You’ll learn about move plans, floor plans, and how to manage desk booking.

Note: This course should only be taken after course 1: “Intro to SiQ” has been completed.

Customize Health Checks for different Locations

Now you can send health check messages to some locations and not to others. 

For example:

You can disable health checks employees in specific locations, such as San Francisco and Orlando.


You can set a local health check message to be sent to employees in specific locations, such as Stamford and Charlotte.


Learn more: Set up Health Screenings

Receive Email Confirmations for new Bookings

SiQ will send you an email confirmation when a reservation is made for you when:

  • you make the reservation for yourself.
  • an admin makes a reservation for you.

This is an example of a confirmation email:


Confirmations are sent when you make reservations on either SiQ Web or SiQ Mobile.


Floor Map's unseated list does not include Remote Employees

The unseated employees list in the Floor Map is a list of employees waiting to be seated, Now, remote employees will no longer appear on the unseated list.

Learn more: Set up Remote Employees and No Desk Needed Employees

Find a Desk with Assets

You can search for and book a hotel desk with assets on SiQ Web. So, you can book a sit-stand desk with dual monitors the next time you’re visiting the office. 
Learn more: Book a Desk with Assets (Web)

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