Additional Configuration for SiQ

You can configure the following for your business:


Including your building leases in your SiQ account helps you create a richer data set for your real estate portfolio. Leases can be associated with any building or floor already in your SiQ portfolio. In addition, lease costs and schedules are incorporated into SiQ financial reporting, found in Reports, Portfolio, and Costs. Leases are added to your account either manually or through integration.

See Manage Leases.

Building Types

By default, there are standard building types that you can use to define your buildings. If you need additional building types your Admins can set these up.

See Manage Building Types.

Space Types

Space types define the space and there are three categories of space types: Personal, Common, and Custom. There are many default types, for example, Work space, Office, or Cubicle.

Your Admins can create custom space types, see Manage Custom Space Types and if needed they can hide default space types too, see Restrict Space Type Availability.

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