Limit Future Hoteling Desk Bookings

You can determine how far into the future hoteling desk bookings can be made in Desk Booking Settings. The default for all bookings is 6 months into the future, but you can modify this in the Cap Future Bookings setting.

When you set up a booking cap, employees booking a desk will only see calendar availability as far as they are permitted to book; unavailable dates are greyed out.

On SiQ web, when employees review a booking calendar, they'll see this note:


Update the Cap for Hoteling Desk Bookings

Follow these instructions to customize the bookings cap in your SiQ system:

Navigate to Settings, and click on Desk Booking Settings. Under Cap Future Bookings, you can enter a number of days, weeks, or months into the future.



Example 1:  You want to allow employees to book up to 5 months in the future, so you cap future bookings at 5 Months.



Example 2: You want to restrict employees to book reservations only for today, so you cap future bookings at 1 Day.


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