Allocate Seats to a Neighborhood for a Team(s)

This is where you want a Department(s) or Team(s) (sub-department) to be allocated to seats but the employees have no assigned seats. With a neighborhood, you can set up an employee-to-seat ratio.


For Example

This can be used when you have a team that requires an employee-to-seat ratio set.

For example, the Sales team will often work outside of the office and infrequently come into the office. The ratio for these teams will be 2:1 ratio where there are 2 employees to 1 seat.


Step 1. Add a Neighborhood for the Team

Navigate to the Floor Map, click on the Floor Map icon then select the floor you want to manage.

Select multiple spaces by holding the Shift key down while you click-and-drag over spaces

The data drawer displays.


Click the UPDATE USAGE button. The Space Usage Types dialog displays.


Click the Neighborhood usage type.



  • Select an existing neighborhood
  • OR in the New neighborhood field, enter a new neighborhood name. For example, Sales Team Neighborhood.

Click the ADD button. The new neighborhood is immediately added to the dialog.

Click the new neighborhood name. The seats are allocated to the neighborhood.  


Step 2. View the Neighborhood on the Floor Map

Remember you can view the neighborhood on the Floor Map when you turn on the View Filter, see Customize Floor Map Views

Click the View Filter view_filters_icon.png icon. The filters display.

Click the Neighborhoods filter to turn it on.


Step 3. Add Department to the Neighborhood

Select the neighborhood spaces by holding the Shift key down while you click-and-drag over spaces

The Data Drawer displays the selected employees and spaces.

Click the REALLOCATE ALL button. The Allocations dialog displays.



  • Search for the department or sub-department and then select the name.
  • Click the department or sub-department in the list. For example, New Business.


The department is added to the neighborhood. 



Step 3. Add Employees to the Neighborhood

You will need to associate the employee with the neighborhood. This can be complete from the Floor Map.

  1. If you want to assign an employee to a seat from a different location then, in the Search field enter the employee's name.
  2. When the employee's name displays in the search results, then drag and drop the employee to the seat.



If you prefer the employees can be associated with the neighborhood from the Manage Neighborhood area.

Navigate to the Neighborhoods Management screen, click the Neighborhoods Management neigh_mg_icon.jpg icon. 

In the Search field, enter the neighborhood's name.

From the search results, select the neighborhood's name. The Neighborhood details dialog displays.


Click the +Employee/Department button.

In the Search pop-up, click the Department tab.

In the Search field, enter the team's name.


From the search results, select the team's name.

The employees in the team are added to the neighborhood.



Step 4. Adjust the Neighborhood's Capacity

In the Neighborhood Details dialog, you will need to set the maximum number of people (capacity) for the neighborhood and this can be greater than the number of physical seats.

Click into the Capacity field, enter the capacity number. For example, the Sales Team Neighborhood has 6 seats and 12 employees so you would set the capacity to 6.

When you change the number, this is automatically saved.

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