Manage a Floor


Administrators can add or update floors, also if needed a floor can be deleted.


Add a Floor

Navigate to Manage > Builidngs/Floors.

Click on the Add Floor button to the far right [1]. 

The New Floor dialog displays.


Complete the following to enter in the new building's details:

  • Floor Name (required): ​The name of the Floor that displays under the Building profile in the Portfolio. Choose an easily identifiable floor name, such as the floor number (e.g., 1st Floor) or the name that’s most commonly used to describe that floor within the organization (e.g., Engineering Floor).
  • Floor No.: The numerical story of the building on which the floor is located. The number listed here may be the same as the number used for the Code.
  • Code (required): ​An abbreviation of the floor number or name that appears in ​Space Codes​ on the floor map. Choose a short abbreviation to keep Space Codes concise (e.g., NY-12-25).
  • Rentable Area: This total, rentable area of the floor will be used to calculate costs and other real estate reporting figures throughout the platform.
  • Usable Area: The usable floor area is used to calculate square footage utilization among other things.
  • Max Capacity: The highest number of people that the floor can support.
  • Width, Height, Scale: These details are necessary to ensure that your floor map space icons are properly aligned and scaled to your floor map image and CAD file.

You have a choice for the Floor Plan either you can upload a high-resolution floor plan image OR a floor plan CAD.


  • Floor Plan Image: Either drag and drop the file or browse to select the high resolution floor plan image. Note that if you are updating the floorplan, then make sure you use the same size as the previous floorplan as you want the dots to line up with the seats.


Click the Save button to create the Floor.

Remember to ...

You’ll need to refresh SiQ browser to view this newly added floor profile in the Portfolio.


Edit a Floor

Edit a floor is simple as:

  1. Expand the building that contains the floor you want to edit.
  2. Click the Floor Name. The floor dialog displays.
  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit.


Go to Floor Plan

Now the floor is ready you can head to the Floor Map area, click the Go To Floor Plan go_to_floor_map_icon.png  icon.

Note: If you click the icon and nothing happens, it's because you need to refresh the browser to view the newly created floor.

Hide a Floor

If you ever need to hide a floor, then click the Hide floor hide_floor_icon.png icon. When a building or floor is hidden, it won't be visible in the Kiosk or in the SiQ Mobile app or SiQ Web app to user accounts with the permission Viewers or IT.

Note: If you hide every floor in a building, you'll hide the building as well.

Delete a Floor

Keep in mind, to delete a floor, you need to remove all employees first by unseating them. 

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