SiQ Experiences

SiQ is available on mobile and web. Your Administrator will maintain the portfolio and configurations.

The following is an overview of the SiQ experience on different platforms.

SiQ Mobile App

Employees can take SiQ with them on the go with the SiQ Mobile App. On the SiQ Mobile App employees can find co-workers, book hotel desks, and check into hotel desks.

See Using SiQ Mobile App.

SiQ Web App

Depending on your role and permission this will determine what you have access to in the SiQ Web App. 

Using the SiQ Web App as an Admins

The admin user roles have specific access so the admins can complete their space-planning tasks. There are different types of admin roles: Admin, Department Admin, Location Admin, Power Admin, Space Captain.

See Using SiQ Web App as an Admin.

Using the SiQ Web App as an Employees

Employees can access SiQ from the SiQ Web App which enables them to search for coworkers, book hotel desks, and also book meeting rooms. An employee who logs into the SiQ Web App will have the user role of Viewer

See Using a SiQ Web App as an Employee.

Using the SiQ Web app as a Kiosk

Employees and visitors can access SiQ Web from Kiosk Touchscreens set up in your lobby or in the entrance to a floor. This allows them to find desks and navigate the office easily.

See Using the SiQ Web App as a Kiosk Touchscreen.