Onboarding Checklist


Use the checklist below to ensure you have made decisions on the different items as you complete the onboarding.

Item #1 - Buildings and Floor

You will need to set up your Buildings and Floors.


If you want the HR Location to be populated then you need to import your employees in before you add your buildings and floor. The HR Location is important as you can use this to quickly seat employees on the Floor Map.

If you want to add a building prior to the employees then you must select Unknown and use this as a placeholder. Then you can update the building’s HR Location later.

See Manage Buildings and Floors

Manually Add or Bulk Import Buildings and Floors

Depending on the number of buildings and floors you have, it may be quicker to add them using a bulk import. See Add Buildings via the Building Import and Add Floors via the Floor Import.

If you have a small number then you can add them manually, see Manage Buildings and Floors.

Item #2 - Floorplans

SiQ provides customers with the ability to import floor plans into the product during and after implementation. The floorplan will be an image file (PNG) that will be imported into SiQ and the Floorplan Preparation article details what preparation can be completed to the source file.

You have a choice for how you load the floorplan either you can:

  • manually upload a high-resolution floorplan image OR
  • upload a floorplan using the SiQ AutoCAD Plugin.

For more details, see Add a Floorplan.


Item #3 - Floor Maps

Set up your Floor Maps

After your floorplans have been uploaded, you now can set up the floor maps.


Seat nomenclatures or Space Names are text objects containing a unique identifier, e.g., Meeting Room names (South Beach Conference Room) or Workstation numbers (W.001, W.002).

If your business has unique identifiers then you can use this to quickly set up the space codes and space name. However, if you do not have unique identifiers then we recommend that you label the desks and offices in numerically 1-xxx from the left to right on the floor plan. For more details and examples, see the Floorplan Preparation article.

Space Icons

Space icons are the dots on individual workstations and meeting rooms. These spaces are searchable, which allows users to find important rooms in the office, and they also contribute to the insight into the usable square footage. There are two types of Spaces that you’ll see in the Add Space menu: Personal Spaces and Common Spaces.

See Add Space Icons

Pins (Points of Interest) Icons

There are a variety of foor map pin icons and set of attributes. For example, you can add a First Aid Kit pin or a Fire Extinguisher pin.

See Add Pins


Text is a unique pin type and it lets you add any descriptive text to any area of your map.

See Add Text


Item #4 - Integrations

SiQ Integrations has a collection of pre-build integration applications, which make it easy to manage single sign-on, provision HR, and sync data across your corporate apps and systems into SiQ system.

See SiQ Integrations

Item #5 - Configure Hoteling Desks

Empower your employees to return to work as safe and confident as possible. The SiQ Mobile App can provide your employees with everything they need. Easily locate and book available desks or space and even book near a coworker.

Your Administrator can configure the following for your business.

Seats on the floor / Desk Booking Permission

What buildings and floors do you want to see in SiQ?

Your Administrator can quickly set up which buildings and floors are displayed in SiQ.

See Manage a Floor

Do you have your hotel desks set up?

Every workspace has a usage type and to designate spaces as a Hoteling Desk, you'll need to update the space's Usage Type.

See Manage Allocation and Seats

Who do you want to be able to book the hotel desk?

Your Admin can set up who can book the hotel desks such as everyone, department, workplace group, or a combination of both. 

See Set up Booking Restrictions

When can employees make desk bookings?

The regular business hours impact the hotel desk and the meeting room bookings. The spaces can only be book during the hours specified. The default business hours in SiQ are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm local time where the building is located, and you can customize them according to your business requirements.

See Set up Regular Business Hours

Additional Configuration for Hotel Desk Bookings

Your Administrator can configure the following for your business:

COVID Compliance

Booking Capacity Limits

To assist with your region's COVID-19 restrictions your business can limit the number of people visiting a building by setting a capacity limit. This can be set for all building locations or set for particular building locations.
The capacity restriction is set by the percentage of hotel desks that can be booked on a floor.

See Set up Booking Capacity Limits

Book Safe

Manually set up the safe distancing around each space on your floor map. This is to ensure your employees maintain a recommended safe distancing spacing for health purposes. Before you start, check what is the safe distancing requirement from your local authority.

See Set up Safe Distancing

Health Screenings

When your business needs to ensure that employees are healthy before coming into the office, you can use SiQ's Health Screening so your employees can confirm that they are symptom-free well before check-in time.

See Set up Health Screenings

Desk Bookings & Check-in Times

Do you want all-day desk bookings or time blocked bookings?

If your business wants your employees to make all-day desk bookings this can be set up OR if you would prefer time block bookings which allow your employee to choose time OR allow both hourly and all-day bookings.

See Set up Booking Type

Do you want your employees to check in to their desk bookings?

When the required check-in setting is on then employees must check into their desk booking. Additionally, your business can use the auto-release booked desk for when an employee doesn't check into their desk booking and you can exempt specific employees from checking in.

See Set up Required Check-in

Do you want to limit the number of concurrent bookings?

Your Administrator can allow employees to book multiple desks at one time or limit them to booking only one desk at a time.

See Set up Single Active Reservation Booking

Do you want your employees to make recurring desk bookings?

If your business wants your employee to make recurring desk booking this can be set up.

See Set up Recurring Desk Bookings

Desk Reservation & Available Desk Visibility

Do you want your employee's names to display on the reserved desks?

When looking for an available desk on the floor map, employees may like to know who has already booked desks near the available ones.

See Set up Show Names on Reserved Desks

Do you want your employees to be able to find coworker's desk bookings?

If your employees are working together, then you can let them find their coworkers desk bookings. Then they can make a desk booking next to (or near) them.

See Set up Employee Bookings Search

Desk Bookings & Book on behalf of Another

Do you have employees that need to make bookings on behalf of another person?

Only Admins can manage Desk Bookings on behalf of Departments and Workplace Groups. If needed, the Admins can make individual desk bookings or bulk import desk bookings.

See Book a Desk on behalf of an Employee or Import the Desk Bookings in bulk

Employee Photos

Employees have the ability to upload a photo to their profile in the SiQ Mobile App.

See Update your Profile

Item #6 - Configure Room Bookings

If you want your employees to be able to book a meeting room you must have a Calendar Integration set up. Then your Administrator can set up the meeting rooms on the Floor Map.

See Calendar Integration and Set up a Meeting Room

Meeting Room Photos

Employees have the ability to upload a photo to the Meeting Room details screen in the SiQ Mobile App.

Item #7 - Setup a SiQ Kiosk

Your Administrator can set up SiQ Web app to be a Kiosk that employees can use to help them find employees and meeting rooms.

See Set up a Wayfinder Kiosk and Using SiQ Web App as a Kiosk

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