Add Employees to Neighborhoods


Employees can be added to neighborhoods from:

You can also assign entire departments to neighborhoods. See: Add a Department to a Neighborhood

This article will walk you through adding employees to neighborhoods.

From the Floor Map - Associate an unseated Employee to the Neighborhood

Navigate to the floor map.

Click the View Filters view_filters_icon.png icon. The Customize your view data drawer displays.

Click the Neighborhoods filter to display the neighborhood.

In the Search field, enter an employee's name

Both seated and unseated employees can be added to neighborhoods. If you want to quickly find unseated employees in the location then use the Unseated search filter and the Current location only filter.


From the search results, drag and drop the employee onto the neighborhood.


The employee is associated with the neighborhood.

From the Floor Map - Associate a seated Employee to the Neighborhood

If you have an existing employee with an assigned seat, you can add the employee to the neighborhood.

Click on the employee. The data drawer displays.

Scroll down to the Available Neighborhoods drop-down.


From the Available Neighborhoods drop-down, select the neighborhood's name.

The employee is associated with the neighborhood and removed from their seat.


From Neighborhoods Management

Navigate to Manage > Neighborhoods.


Find and select the neighborhood's name.


The neighborhood details screen displays.

Click the + Employee/Department button.


The Employee tab is selected by default.

In the Search field, enter the employee's name.

From the search results, select the employe's name.

The employee list is populated with the employee.


If needed you can add another employee.