Add Employees to Neighborhoods


Employees can be added to neighborhoods from several locations:

You can also assign entire departments to neighborhoods. See: Add a Department to a Neighborhood

This article will walk you through adding employees to neighborhoods from the floor map and from neighborhoods management.

From the Floor Map

Log in as an SiQ admin and navigate to the floor map.

Find an employee by typing into the Search field. Both seated and unseated employees can be added to neighborhoods. Use the Unseated search filter to find unseated employees. Review the search results and click on a name. 


You can also find an employee's seat on the floor map and click on it.


A data drawer with information about the employee will open to the right. Scroll down to locate Available Neighborhoods and click on the drop-down.


Select a neighborhood. 


A neighborhood assignment label will appear.


To assign an employee to more than one neighborhood, click the Available Neighborhoods drop-down and select another neighborhood. 

From Neighborhoods View

You can quickly add unseated employees to neighborhoods with the Neighborhoods View enabled.

Enable Neighborhoods on View Filters. Neighborhoods will be highlighted. 


Close the View filters menu by clicking the X in the top corner.


Click on a highlighted neighborhood. The neighborhood will be outlined in green.



Find an unseated employee by clicking the Unseated filter typing and typing a name or department into the Search bar. From the search results, click-and-drag and employee's name to the neighborhood area. You'll see confimration that the employee has been assigned to the neighborhood. You can add multiple employees from the unseated list. 


From Neighborhoods Management

Navigate to Neighborhoods Management. 


Click on the name of a neighborhood.


SiQ will direct you to a neighborhood information page. Click + Employee/Department.


The Employee tab is selected by default. Type a name into the search field, then select a name from the search results.
You'll see the name added to the Employees list. 


Click +Employee/Department to add another employee's name.


Additional Resources

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