Set up a Meeting Room

You can add the meeting rooms to your floor map and then employees can book them.

A meeting room is a type of space allocation in SiQ. When you've located space on a floor map, you'll add a meeting room space. Then you'll name the meeting room and assign details to it.



If you want your employees to be able to book a meeting room you must have a Calendar Integration set up. The integration will populate the Data Drawer's Select Calendar drop-down with the meeting room's calendar. 

Add a Meeting Room Space

Navigate to a floor map and find the location of a meeting room. 


Click the Map Editor icon.



The Map Editor displays.

Click Add Space.


The data drawer displays on the left with the space options.

The data drawer contains space options that you'll select and drag onto the floor map. With the data drawer open, take a look at the floor map. If the data drawer obscures the destination on the floor map, drag to reposition the floor map so you can see it.  


Scroll down to locate Common space listings.

Click a meeting room, either: 

  • Meeting - 1x1
  • Meeting - large
  • Meeting - medium
  • Meeting - small
  • Meeting Room


The Space code dialog displays.


In the Space code field, enter the code. You can accept the default space code or type in a new one.

Click the OK button.

The space type (i.e. Meeting - medium) will be highlighted in the data drawer.  Your cursor will become the space type with a space code. Position your cursor on the floor map at the intended location and then click the floor map to add the meeting room. 

Note: Click once to add one space to the floor map. If you click twice, you'll add two spaces to the floor map. 

When you have finished, press the Esc key to stop adding.


You'll see the new, numbered space icon on the floor map.

On the upper right-hand corner, click x to close the data drawer.

Click the EXIT EDIT MODE button.

Update the Space's Name and Calendar

To make it easier for your employees to find the meeting room include a Name and you will need to assign the meeting room's calendar.

From the Floor Map, click on the meeting room icon. 

The data drawer displays.


From the calender drop-down, select the meeting room's calendar.

In the Label field, enter a meeting room name

The updates are automatically saved.

Click x on the upper right to close the data drawer. 

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