Book a Desk on Behalf of an Employee

Admins can book a hotel desk for an employee. You may find this useful when employees or consultants visit from out-of-town and need a desk.

Note: Only Admins can book desks for other employees; employees are unable to book on behalf of another.

Book for an Employee

Navigate to Floor Map.

Find a hoteling desk and click on it. 


The data drawer displays.

Scroll down until you see the calendar.

Use the arrows to scroll through the calendar months.

Click the day(s) you want to book. 


If dates are available, you'll see this message: No Reservations on this day, yet.


Click Add new booking.

Select the times or you click the All Day Booking toggle on. 


In the Search field, enter the employee's name.

Click on the employee's name when it displays in search results.

Note: There is a me option in your search results. Click me to reserve the booking for yourself.


The booking details display in the left side of the data drawer.

Click the x in the upper-right corner of the data drawer you want to close. 


Your booking on behalf of another employee has been saved.  When you search for the employee's name, you'll see their reservation listed in the search results.


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