Add Spaces to Neighborhoods

You can add spaces to neighborhoods from the Floor Plan or Manage Neighborhoods.


From the Floor Plan

You can add one or multiple spaces to neighborhoods on the floor plan. 

Add One Seat

Navigate to the floor plan, then click to select a space. Selected spaces are outlined in green.

A data drawer will open to the right. Scroll down to click the Available Neighborhoods drop-down, and select a neighborhood.



Add Multiple Spaces

You can add groups of spaces to neighborhoods by updating seat usage types to Neighborhood

Navigate to the floor plan, then shift-click-drag to select a group of spaces. Selected spaces are outlined in green. 



  • In the screenshot below, the highlighted seat have employees assigned to them, as denoted by the colored center: 

    Changing usage type to Neighborhood will incorporate seated employees into the neighborhood unless you specify otherwise. Directions for unassigning people from a neighborhood appear below.

A data drawer will open with information about your seat selection.  Scroll down to the Space Types section and select UPDATE USAGE.


Select Neighborhood.


Neighborhoods on the floor plan appear in the popup. If you wish to unassign existing employees from those seats, click UNASSIGN. Otherwise, employees will be assigned to the neighborhood.neigh_addsp6b.jpg

Select a neighborhood.


You'll see confirmation that seats have been added.


From Manage Neighborhoods

To add spaces to neighborhoods, navigate to Neighborhoods Management and click on the name of a neighborhood.


SiQ will direct you to a neighborhood information page. Scroll down to locate the Spaces section and Click +Space.


Type the name of a space into the search field. You can also scroll down to select a space listing. 


Your selection will appear on the Spaces list. Click +Space to add another space to the neighborhood. neigh_create13.jpg


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