Add Departments to Neighborhoods

If you want a department allocated to a neighborhood, the seats you select must be the usage type of neighborhood. If the seats are not neighborhood seats, update their usage type to neighborhood before assigning the department.

SiQ admins can add departments to neighborhoods from:

This article will teach you how to allocate department(s) to neighborhoods. 

From the Floor Map

To assign a department to a neighborhood, Shift-click-drag to select a group of neighborhood seats on the floor map. A data drawer displays. 



Click the REALLOCATE ALL button.


Either select a department from the list or in the Search field, enter a departmentname. 


The spaces are automatically allocated to the department.

From Manage Neighborhoods

Navigate to Manage > Neighborhoods.


Find and select the neighborhood's name.


The neighborhood details screen displays.

Click the + Employee/Department button.

neigh_create9.jpgClick the Department tab.


In the Search field, enter the department's name.

From the search results, select the department's name


The employee list is populated with all of the employees in the department.


If needed you can add another department's employees.

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