Add Departments to Neighborhoods

SiQ admins can add departments to neighborhoods from the Floor Map and Manage Neighborhoods. In SiQ, the process of assigning a department to spaces is called an allocation. 

Seat usage and department allocation are two separate functions. Any seat (i.e., hot desk, hotel desk, work space) can be allocated for a department. If you want a department allocated to a neighborhood, the seats you select should be of a neighborhood usage type. If the seats are not neighborhood seats, update their usage type to neighborhood before assigning the department.

This article will teach you how to assign departments to neighborhoods from both locations. 

From the Floor Map

To assign a department to a neighborhood, Shift-click-drag to select a group of neighborhood seats on the floor map. A data drawer will open to the right. 






Select a department. You can also type into the Search field to find a department. 


You'll see confirmation that the department has been allocated to the neighborhood space.


From Manage Neighborhoods

Navigate to Neighborhoods Management. 


Find and select the name of a neighborhood.


On the neighborhood information page, click +Employee/Department. 

neigh_create9.jpgSwitch to the Department tab by clicking on it.


Type the name of a department into the Search field, and then click on a department name. 
All the employees in the department will be added to the Employees list. 


To add another department to the neighborhood, click +Employee/Department.

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