Create a Neighborhood


Neighborhoods can be created from the Floor Map or from Manage Neighborhoods.

Create a Neighborhood from the Floor Map

You can quickly create a neighborhood from the Floor Map module. 

From the Floor Map view, select the building and floor where you'll place the new neighborhood. Then, select multiple spaces by holding the Shift key down while you click-and-drag over spaces. 

This floor map highlights neighborhood spaces through the use of the Neighborhood View Filter.


When the Data Drawer displays, click the UPDATE USAGE button.


In the Space Usage Types dialog, select the Neighborhood option.


The Neighborhood dialog displays a list of existing neighborhoods. Type a new name into the New neighborhood name field. Then click ADD. The new neighborhood is immediately added as an option in the dialog. Click the new neighborhood name. 


You'll see confirmation that spaces have been associated with the new neighborhood. 



Now you can add a department and employees to the neighborhood, and adjust neighborhood capacity.

Add Department

In the open data drawer, click REALLOCATE ALL.


In the Allocations dialog, click to select a department. You can also type into the Search field to find a department name.


You'll see confirmation that neighborhood seats have been allocated to the department.


Add Employees

Navigate to Neighborhoods Management by clicking the neighborhood's management icon. neigh_mg_icon.jpg


Find the department by scrolling through the Neighborhoods list, or type into Search. Then, click the department name. 


Click + Employee/Department.


On the Employee tab, find and select the names of employees you want in the department neighborhood. You can also switch to the Department tab, then find and select a department name to add all department employees to the neighborhood.


When finished, you'll see confirmation that employees have been added, and employees will appear on the Employees list.



Adjust Capacity

Remain on the neighborhood information page, and click into the CAPACITY field to adjust the number. Neighborhood capacity can be greater than the number of physical seats.

In this example, the Sales Space has 16 seats and a capacity of 32, giving it a 2:1 Employee: Seats ratio. 



Create a Neighborhood from Manage Neighborhoods

Navigate to Neighborhoods Management by clicking on Manage and selecting Neighborhoods.


From Manage Neighborhoods, click + New Neighborhood.


Fill in details for the neighborhood. Type a neighborhood name into the Name field, and select a location from the Location drop-down menu. You can optionally set a maximum number of employees in the Max Employees field. Click Create to save the neighborhood. neigh_create4.jpg

SiQ automatically assigns a color to the neighborhood. If you want to change the color of a neighborhood, click the color drop-down next to the neighborhood name. 


Next, you can add employees and spaces to the neighborhood.


From this location, you can assign employees, departments, and spaces to the neighborhood.

Add Employees

On the Employee tab, type a name into the search field. Then select a person's name you want to add to the neighborhood.
You'll see the name added to the Employees list. Click +Employee/Department to add another employee's name.
Click the x next to an employee's name to remove them from the neighborhood.



Add Departments

To assign all the employees from a department to a neighborhood, click +Employee/Department on the neighborhood details page.
Switch to the Department tab by clicking on it. Then type the name of a department into the search field. Select a department. 
You'll see all the employees within the selected department added to the Employees list. Click +Employee/Department to add another employee's name.
Click the x next to an employee's name to remove them from a neighborhood. You can select multiple employees and remove them from the list as well.


Add Spaces

On the neighborhood information page, scroll down to locate the Spaces section. Click +Space.


Type the name of a space into the search field. You can also scroll down to select a space listing. 


Your space selection will appear in the Spaces listing. Click +Space to add another space to the neighborhood.
Click the x next to a space to remove it from a neighborhood. You can select multiple spaces and remove them from the list as well.neigh_create13.jpg

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