Create a Recurring Desk Booking (Mobile)

SiQ Mobile App

SiQ makes it easy to book a desk for upcoming visits to the office and you can create repeat desk bokings.  

Note: Your SiQ Administrator can enable the recurring desk bookings.

Here are some of your reservation options:

  • Book a hotel desk on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Set up recurring bookings up to 6 months in advance.

You'll be alerted of existing reservation conflicts so you can book the available dates and omit the conflicting ones. 

Set Frequency

From SiQ Mobile Home, tap Desk.


Search for a building, city, state, or floor, and select an office location. 


Scroll down to see all floors and tap Select Desk on the floor you prefer.


Navigate through the calendar widget to select a start date and choose a time. You can select All-day or choose a customized time frame.


In Repeat settings, tap Never >.


Choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Your selections will display with a green checkbox next to them.


Then customize these settings:

  • Every: frequency is 1 by default. 
  • After or On date: Choose how your reservation ends. After ends the reservation after a number of occurrences; On date ends the reservation on a specific date. 

Tap Done when you're finished.







Choose a Desk

Tap Find Desks.


Scroll down to see all floors. Find and tap a desk directly on the floor plan, or swipe through available desks at the bottom of your screen and tap Book Desk


You'll be alerted if there is a booking conflict for any of the pending reservations. Tap Continue to continue booking the available dates while omitting the conflicting dates; tap Change Booking to choose another desk.


After receiving a booking confirmation, you can view your bookings on the Home screen. 


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