Update Selected Employee(s)

When you select one, multiple, or all employees using the check boxes on the left [1] a menu will display [2] with additional actions. Now, you are able to:


This lets you quickly perform bulk actions on your employee list.

Note that if you have made selections further down list, you will need to scroll up to the top to see the menu.

Update the Employee's Role

You may want to update roles in bulk to set certain employees up with a role, for example, as the Department Admins or set the Location Admin(s).

Click the Update Role drop-down to select a role. The roles are updated.


Mark an Employee as Remote

If you have employee(s) who work remotely you can mark them as Remote. When employees are marked as remote, they will not be included in the occupancy count in the dashboards and reports. 

Click the Change Remote status drop-down to select Mark as "Remote" and if the employee(s) does return to an office then you can select Unmark as "Remote".


Delete a Temporary Employee

You can delete employees that have been manually created such as a contractor, see Add a Non-Employee.

Click the Delete icon to delete the employee.


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