Add a Temporary Employee

Employee names that aren’t on the master list are removed when you import a new list, so the manual add option is best for non-employees such as temporary workers and others who aren’t an official part of the organization's roster but may need to use spaces within the office. You can also use the manual add to quickly onboard a new team member and get them in the system without requiring interaction with your master spreadsheet. ​

Note update the spreadsheet with this person’s information before your next import so their entry doesn’t get deleted.

Easily add a single employee, click +New Employee button. 


The New Employee dialog displays.


The following are the required fields and the other fields are optional:

  • Name
  • Email - You do not need to add an email in order to manually add a person to your Employees list. When you fill in the other required fields, the system will auto-populate this field with a generic email. This is useful if you plan to add employees who haven’t yet been assigned a company email and in other cases where there is no company email associated with the person you add. If you update your master spreadsheet with the person’s assigned email address later, it will replace the auto-generated generic address with the real address.
  • HR Location
  • Department/Team

Note the Type field is where you would specify whether the person is full time or a contractor. 

When you are done, click the Create button.

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