Add Pins (or Points of Interest) Icons

SiQ features a variety of floor map pins (or points of interest), each with its own icon and set of attributes. For example, you can add a First Aid Kit pin or a Fire Extinguisher pin.

Add a Pin

Click the ADD SPACE icon. The Spaces panel displays.


Click the Pin you want to add to the floor map.

In this example, the First Aid pin is selected and then the floor map is clicked on to add the pin. You can keep clicking on the floor map with the same pin. When finished press the Esc key.


Edit a Pin

Click the Pin and the Edit space form displays.


When you edit the space the following can be updated:

  • X Y - Update the X Y coordinates to move the space or you can click on the pin and then drag and drop the pin to move it.
  • Size - Update the size of the space.
  • Name - Update the name of the pin. For example Kitchen First Aid Kit. This name will display when you hover over the pin icon.
  • Pin Type - Update the pin type to a different type.

Delete a Pin

When you edit a pin, click the DELETE button to remove the pin.

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