Book next to a Coworker (Mobile)

SiQ Mobile App

SiQ makes it easy to book next to a coworker, first you'll search for a coworker's booking and view it on the floor map. Then you'll find and book a desk near them.

Locate a Coworker's Reservation

From SiQ Mobile Home, either enter the name of your coworker in the search bar or you can search at the bottom of the screen. 


You'll see a list of people. Tap the coworker's name.


If the person has a desk reservation, it will display in the Bookings section. 


Tap the Bookings drop-down to display the reservations.


Tap on a reservation.

A calendar displays your coworker's booking dates in blue. The booking you selected will be highlighted in black.

Choose your bookings times, such as all-day booking. 


Tap the Find Desks button.

Book next to a Coworker

When you've saved your reservation times, you'll be directed to a screen where you can select a desk. On the floor map you'll see your coworker's desk booking displayed.

Note their name and desk number. To get a better view of your coworker's desk and other desks, you can move the floor plan around with your fingers and zoom-in.  


Your coworker's reservation and available desks displays in green.

Tap the desk you want to book. Alternatively, you can swipe through the available desks at the bottom of your screen and select one.


When you select a desk it will turn blue. At the bottom of your screen, tap the Book Desk button. 

A booking confirmation displays. 


Review your reservation and tap the OK button.

On the next screen, you can add the booking to your calendar,  share your booking, or if needed cancel the booking. 


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