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SiQ makes it easy to book next to a coworker on the SiQ Web App. First, you'll search for a coworker's booking and view it on the floor plan. Then you'll find and book a desk near them.


Watch this video to learn how to book next to a coworker. 

Locate a Coworker's Reservation

When logged into the SiQ Web app, navigate to the floor map. 

In the Search field, enter the name of the person you want to find. When the search results are displayed, you'll see the person's name and their associated bookings.



If the person has a multi-day booking, the date range will be displayed next to the search results.

If your administrator has enabled bookings search, you'll see a desk booking listing next to the employee's name. Click the link to locate the booking on the floor map.

Select the person and their location.




A data drawer will open with information about their booking, and their location on the floor map will be circled in green. You can zoom into the floor map to see the seat more clearly.


Book next to a Coworker

Move the floor plan around to locate a free hoteling desk near your coworker's desk. Zoom in-and-out to adjust your floor plan view, use your cursor to click and drag the map to find a hotel desk. In the floor map view, the hotel desks are black circles with turquoise/aqua centers



Locate an available hotel desk.



Then click the Book Desk icon.



The hotel desk will turn green. Click the green dot.



You'll have the option to book now, or to book for a later time.

To book now, click Book Now. You'll be prompted to check-in.



To book later, click the date range above the search bar.



Select a date or date range and the hours.

Click the Update button.


You can view your reservations in the Bookings screen. 


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