Manage Fixed Seats, Flexible Seats and Neighborhoods

Fixed Seats

  • Seat or Unseat an Employee in the NOW view

When you need to seat new employees and/or remove employees who have left your business, you can seat and unseat the employees.

  • Share the assigned Seat with the Employee

After you have assigned the seats you can quickly share the information with the employee. See Share the assigned Seat with the Employee.

Flexible Seats and Neighborhoods

A Neighborhood is a particular space usage in SiQ. We define it as a multiple tenant grouping of seats, where any number of employees or departments can be assigned. Employees within Neighborhoods will no longer have specific, assigned seating.

See Manage Neighborhoods.

Remote Employees

If you have employee(s) who work remotely you can mark them as Remote. When employees are marked as remote, they will not be included in the occupancy count in the dashboards and reports.

See Update Selected Employees.

Seats and Moves

You can create a Move Plan to organize a relocation or employees or teams. Or if you have new employees starting (or employees leaving) on a particular date then you can create a Move Plan and then implement the plan on a date.

See Move Orders or Add Move Plan via the Floor Map.

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