Set up Hoteling

Your Admin can set up the Hoteling in a few steps.

Step 1. Adjust the Usage Type

Every workspace has a usage type. To designate space as a Hotel Desk, you'll need to update the space's Usage Type. For more details, see Update Usage Type to Hoteling Desk.

Step 2. Set up the Safe Distancing

After a small amount of setup, you can see a radius around each space on your floor map to ensure employees maintain recommended safe distancing spacing for health purposes. For more details, see Set up Safe Distancing.

Step 3. Set up the Hoteling Settings

Admins can access the hoteling desk settings to make sure the Regular Business Hours are correct, and the Hoteling Desk Booking settings are adjusted for your business needs. For more details see Hoteling Desk Booking Settings.


Now your Employees and Admins can book hotel desks via the SiQ Web App or the SiQ Mobile App. Then they can check in to their desk via the Notification EmailSiQ Web App, or SiQ Mobile App.

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