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Hotel desk check-in begins one hour before your reservation starts. If health screenings are enabled, you'll be required to complete a health check before you check-in. You can check-in on your SiQ Mobile App.

Depending on your company's policies, you may have access to the SiQ Mobile App, the SiQ Web App, or both. See: Check-In to a Hotel Desk from an Email Notification and Check-In to a Hotel Desk on SiQ Web App

This article walks you through checking into your hotel desk from the SiQ Web App.


Watch this quick video about checking-in on your SiQ Mobile App from an in-app notification:


Watch this video about checking-in on your SiQ Mobile App with a health check:

Check-In on SiQ Mobile App

Navigate to your SiQ Mobile App. If it's within an hour of check-in time, you'll see a check-in notification. Click OK to complete your check-in. 



You won't receive a check-in alert if it's more than an hour before your booking. Instead, the app will direct you to your home screen to view a list of your bookings. If it's not time to check-in, SiQ will show you the number of hours or days until you can check-in. 


If it's time to check-in, you'll see a bold Check-In flag. Click Check-In.

You'll be directed to a screen where you can view your desk location and complete check-in. Next to STATUS, click Check-In


You'll see confirmation that your check-in is complete.


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