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New Help Center

We recently improved the SiQ Help Center by migrating it to a new platform. While you can't see the back-end details of the migration, you will notice some changes:

  • SiQ Help Center is open to all SiQ Users!
    This means that admins and employees no longer have to log in to access help articles and videos.
  • New SiQ Login is required to access Support Tickets.
    You'll find instructions below on how to reset your login. 
  • More robust article search

You can find the SiQ Help Center at the same URL:


The SiQ Support email address is the same:


New Login for Support Tickets

If you have an existing user account, you'll need to reset your password so you can login and access your active support tickets.

1. From the Help Center’s home page, either click the Sign In or Create Account button.



2. Click the Forgot my Password link to reset your password. Your account is under the same email address used with the legacy Help Center.

If you have any issues resetting your password, contact support@spaceiq.com

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