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Upcoming Conference


Join us for Return Agile, a two-day event that brings together experts from facility management, space management, workplace, and commercial real estate to discuss strategies for a move back to the office.

The event will be streamed live in Americas and EMEA on May 26-27 and APAC on May 27-28, 2021



Quarter 2 of 2021 has begun, and we're working hard to bring you great new tools to manage your space! We're also constantly re-evaluating our existing features to give you and your customers a delightful, seamless experience in SiQ

Learn more about our current updates and remember to submit your suggestions and feedback!

Daily Health Checks for Multi-Day Bookings

Employees can complete a health screening each day of their multi-day bookings, so you can ensure that they are symptom-free every day they check-in for a reservation.

Planning Ahead

Insights for SiQ

Take your data analysis to the next level with Insights for SiQ.

Health Screenings for Non-Hoteling Desks

You want to confirm that your employees are symptom-free every day they come into the office. Now you can send health checks to employees who have assigned workspaces at the office.

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