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We're working hard to bring you great new tools to manage your space. We're also constantly re-evaluating our existing features to give you and your customers a delightful, seamless experience in SiQ.

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Health Checks and Messages by Location

Now you can send Health Checks to some locations and not other locations. You can also create different health check messages for different locations.

Examples 1: send health checks to employees in Melbourne, and not send health checks to employees in New York and Atlanta.

Example 2: create and send health check messages to US employees that conform to US health guidelines, and create an send different health check messages to AU employees that conform to AU health guidelines.  


Receive Email Confirmations for Your New Bookings

SiQ will send you an email when a reservation is made for you:

  • When you make the reservation for yourself
  • When an admin makes a reservation for you

Planning Ahead

  • Make a Meeting Room BookingMeeting Room Bookings
  • Support for QR Codes

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