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We're working hard to bring you great new tools to manage your space. We're also constantly re-evaluating our existing features to give you and your customers a delightful, seamless experience in SiQ.

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Turn Admin Health Check Notifications On or Off

New Health Screening settings give you control over whether admin email notifications are sent when a health check isn’t completed. You can enable or disable these email reminders in Desk Booking Settings; individual admins can turn reminders on or off in User Settings.

Control When to Cap Future Bookings

By default, SiQ’ers can reserve hotel desks for up to 6 months in the future. New Desk Booking Settings allow you to customize this limit. So, you can cap bookings at 3 months, allowing employees to book for up to 3 months in advance. Or, you can cap bookings at 1 day, ensuring that employees can only book for the day and not into the future.

Separate “Remote” and “No Desk Needed” Statuses

You can mark your employees as “Remote”, “No Desk Needed”, or both. x

Planning Ahead

  • Health Check by Location: create different health check messages for different locations.
  • Enhanced Hotel Desk Booking Report: we’re adding Department, Workplace Group, and Time Zone columns to the Hotel Desk Booking Report.
  • View Filters for Employees
  • Quickly Reassign Employee from Neighborhood to Primary Seat

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