Employee Photo Import using Google Drive

The Employee Import section of the Integrations panel includes a Google Drive integration that you can use to set up automatic employee photo imports that update every 24 hours.


To set up the automated employee photo import, begin by:

1. "Activate" the Google Drive Integration in SpaceIQ (Settings > 3rd Party Integrations) and choose and type a name for the Folder that will hold your employee photos, (copy the name of the folder) then click "Save" 

2. Create a shared Google Drive Folder - title the folder the same as you had typed in the step before

3. Add employee images in JPG format / ensure that the file name of each JPG is the email address of the employee to which the image belongs

4. Share your employee image folder with read only permissions to the following account: spaceiq-prod@adept-protocol-210419.iam.gserviceaccount.com

 Note: You may create subfolders to manage groups of employees. SpaceIQ can work with as many subfolders a you need. DO NOT copy any subfolders outside of the root folder.

You will also get an email with instructions assisting setup

The employee images will update once every 24 hours at around midnight. 

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