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The meeting room reservation functionality on SiQ is dependent on the calendar platform your organization uses. Follow the guide below to configure the integration and get your team up and running.

How it works

SiQ now seamlessly enables meeting room booking through our mobile app allowing you and your employees to:

  1. Easily take hallway conversations to a more productive setting by finding the closest available meeting room to suit their needs.
  2. Gain access to the organization calendars and map them to SiQ meeting rooms (via SiQ Web App)
  • Book meeting rooms via the Mobile Application
  • Manage meeting rooms events ( create / delete)
  • Query available meeting rooms by time / capacity / availability 
  • Manage meeting room reservations via Development APIs

Supported Platforms

The following integrations are currently supported by SiQ :

Gain Access 

In order to gain access to Organization calendars, one must first enable the SiQ meeting room integration(s). The users themselves will not need to grant you access to their calendars, instead the administrator of the organization's domain grants you access to all calendars on that domain.

Configuration for Microsoft Exchange/Office 365

For meeting room booking, SiQ requires access to the Exchange Web Services API for both Exchange and Office 365. 

  • This then leverages the Microsoft security model of accessing calendar data through a dedicated user account with the ApplicationImpersonation role (to configured see: ). 
  • This user is then granted rights over one or more mailboxes that your customer wishes to allow your application access to. 
  • Access can be restricted via Active Directory Group membership. Therefore, if your application is only used by a team or division, your customer's security team can limit access to just a subset of mailboxes using existing security/organizational models.
  • If you want to test your configuration or are having connectivity difficulties there is a test connectivity app provided by Microsoft which can be found at:

Configuration for Google

Google configuration is far simpler than Exchange or Office 365. To configure Enterprise Connect in Google an administrator of the organization will need to install the Cronofy application from the G-Suite marketplace which can be found at:

Note - If a non-administrator user attempts to install the app this will be rejected.

The admin user can then test authentication and verify permissions against Cronofy by accessing the Enterprise Connect dashboard. 

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