Badging Integration: ETL Enablement Process

This article describes a high-level steps that customer will take to enable Badging ETL process.

The process will not be automated due the fact that it does require either Customer Or Customer Success team to perform set of manual step before solution will be properly configured.

The following steps will be required:

  • Import employee badging information through HR system.
  • Setup Badge Readers on the map.
  • Obtain customers source of transport.
  • Obtain customer datafiles.
  • Setup Badging ETL to parse files.
  • Load data for analytics and reporting

Badge Information

All HR employees must be configured with a badge information, before importing into SpaceIQ via HR import. Every employee will have a badge associated with him/her that will be uniquely identify an employee. The badge information will be used by analytics and allow analytics to determine presence of the employee in the building / floor.

Badging information might not be available during the initial import; therefore we might need to import this information through the backend.


Badge Readers

Buildings and floors must be configured with a badging reader devices that will be placed on the maps by either customers or customer success team (Badge Reader is a new type of device). Each badge reader will be configured with a unique code that will be supplied by the customer. The unique code will identify location where one entered the building and left the building. The same code will be reported by the Badge Reader at the customer buildings.


Badge Integration

A new integration under a Badging section of the integration(s) will be available to premium customers that needs to be enabled.

Upon enabling badging integration, an email will be sent to customer to contact SpaceIQ Customer success team and include the following information:

  • Supply a means of file transportation (SFTP, HTTP, Database), how does the customer envision to deliver data files?
  • Datafile formats and samples of the files


Data Files

Once customer success team receive files and means of transportation, engineering will set up an ETL process offline and will notify customer success team upon the compilation so that customers can start uploading data Files.


Badging as a Product

Badging feature will be offered to Premium Customers; therefore, customer success must enable it before any of the above takes place.

Defined as a device, the badging point will not be shown on the map. If the customers would like to show them on the map they can add the Badge pin. This way it would also be counted as a floor asset in the pins report.


The badging information displayed to the admins is via reports in this release (later this data will be integrated in the portfolio).


Customer Instructions

In order for SiQ to receive the badging entry information please follow the steps below:

  1. Which method are you interested in:
    1. SFTP
    2. HTTP(s)
    3. Database (Myql, Postgress, Oracle)
  2. SFTP: Supply SIQ access
    1. Credentials.
    2. Hostname / Port
    3. Please provide datafile:
      1. File Format (Csv / Xml / Json)
      2. File naming convention
      3. File Sample
  3. HTTP(s): Supply to SIQ access:
    1. URL
    2. Credentials
    3. Please provide data format:
      1. Data Format (Csv / Xml/ Json)
      2. HTTP message format
      3. Message(s) Sample
  4. Database: Supply to SIQ access:
    1. Credentials
    2. Database Hostname / Port
    3. Please provide data / table format:
      1. Schema design / table structure
      2. Table(s) / Columns Sample



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