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SiQ is smart and easy, giving you tools to effectively manage your space. This article provides an overview of the SiQ experience and links to resources to get you up and running quickly in SiQ.


Log into the SiQ

Employees can log into SiQ either via Single Sign-On (SSO) or Manual Sign-on. An SiQ administrator determines how their employees log into SiQ.

For details about SSO (Single Sign-on) and Manual Sign-on, see How do I log in to SiQ? and see Install the SiQ Mobile App.

Understand SiQ User Roles

SiQ User Roles define permissions for users so they can perform space-planning tasks and view specific data. An admin assigns a user role to each employee, determining their system permissions and defining their SiQ user experience.

These are the user roles available in SiQ:

  • Viewer is the default user role for SiQ employees. Viewers only have access to floor maps and searches.
  • Admin has full access to the SiQ product and settings.
  • Location Admin can create move plans, add spaces, and make changes only within a designated location. 
  • Department Admin can create move plans, add spaces, and make changes only within one or more departments.
  • IT can access the integration settings in SiQ.

For more information about user roles, read Overview of User Roles and User Role Matrix.

SiQ Experiences

SiQ is available on mobile and web. Your Administrator will maintain the portfolio and configurations.

For more information, read SiQ Experiences.


SiQ is designed to be intuitive, but training will add value and depth to your SiQ experience. To take full advantage of SiQ's robust features, we’ve designed training courses to get you up and running quickly.

Check out these courses:

Contact your Customer Success Manager to schedule a training session with our expert SiQ Trainers.


We're happy to help! Explore the help center for answers to your questions or reach out to the SiQ Suppport team.

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