Submit a Maintenance ticket (Mobile)

SiQ Mobile App

It is also easy to connect with your work's Space Maintenance team, simply provide the location of the issue, a detailed description, and attach any relevant files or photos. Your message will be delivered to the designated company maintenance personnel.

Remember your Administrator needs to set this up before you can submit tickets. More details, see Email (Ticketing) Integration for SiQ.

Tap the Maintenance icon.


You are taken to the Where is the issue? screen. From this screen you can enter the location or tap Use my desk location. If your company has QR codes set up in the meeting rooms, then tap Scan a QR Code to active the QR scanner. Scan the QR Code to populate the location.


Tap the NEXT button. You can type in a description of the issue and if you like, take a photo to be included in the ticket.


When you have completed the ticket.


Tap the SEND button.

When the ticket has been sent a message displays.