Check-In to a Desk Booking (Web)


Check-in for a hotel desk begins one hour before your booking starts.  

Note: If your administrator has enabled health screenings, you'll be prompted to complete a health check before you check in for your booking

You can check-in to a desk booking from two locations:

Watch the Video

Watch this quick video on checking in to a hotel desk booking.

Check-In from the Book Desk Module

You can make hotel desk reservations directly from the Book Desk module. If your reservation begins immediately, you'll be prompted to check-in after booking. You'll see a pop-up notification on your SiQ screen.

If a health screening is required, you'll be prompted to complete a health check prior to check-in.


Check-In from My Bookings

You'll find a complete list of your upcoming bookings in the My Bookings settings.

Navigate to My Bookings by clicking your username on the upper-right of your screen. You may see notifications for upcoming bookings as well. Select My Bookings


You'll see a list of your bookings. 

Note: If your Administrator has enabled Health Checks, you'll be prompted to complete a Health Check.

Next to your reservation, click CHECK-IN.


When you're finished, click CLOSE


Download the MP4 Video below