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You can easily find and book a meeting room on the SiQ Mobile App. To ensure you choose a meeting room that accommodates your meeting participants, you can filter for time, capacity and proximity to a desk, nearness. You can also find a meeting room near someone's desk.

After you book a meeting room, don't forget to add the booking to your calendar

Find Available Meeting Rooms

Tap the Meeting Room button to grab a room. On the Meeting Rooms screen, your recent searches populate for easy selection.


Filter for Time

Meeting rooms can be filtered based the amount of time you need the room.  Tap the Time filter, and then tap to select a time option. View and select one of the meeting room options.



Filter for Capacity

You can select a meeting room based on capacity to ensure it's the right size for your meeting participants. Meeting rooms can be filtered by availability and capacity Tap the capacity filter and select a capacity

capacity.png capacity_filter.png


Filter for Near

Use the NEAR filter to find a meeting room near a desk or on a specific floor. Tap Near and type a building or floor into the search field. Select a meeting room from the search results. 

near.png find_near.png


Find a Meeting Room Near Someone's Desk

Tap Someone's desk and type a person or a meeting room name into the search field. Tap to select a meeting room from the search results.

near_person_search2.png near_person_search1.png

Find a Meeting Room on a Floor

Tap to select a city, building, and floor. Then tap the Apply button to apply the filter.

The available meeting rooms are listed.

Tap the Building/Floor.

near_floor_search1.png near_floor_search2.png

Book the Meeting Room

From the filter results, tap a meeting room name.


This brings you to meeting room details that show a preview image of the meeting room, the location, and capacity. You'll see the predefined booking times. At the bottom of the screen, there is a map that shows the location of the meeting room.

Tap a time to book the meeting room.


The meeting room is booked and now displays on your home screen.


Add to Your Calendar

While it's fresh in your mind, add your meeting room booking and add it to your calendar.

From Home, tap a meeting room booking.

Tap Add To Calendar.


Tap Add To Calendar. Note this interaction will depend on your device.

add_to_calendar2.png add_to_calendar3.png

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