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When you log in to the SiQ Mobile App as an Employee you can quickly book hotel desks and then when booking is ready you can check in to the desk or if you no longer need the booking it can be canceled.

When you are logged in, tap the Desk button. desk.png
The Select Building screen displays where you can type in the building's name and then select the building. select_building.png
When you have select a building the Select Dates screen displays. This is where you can select a date range. date1.png

You can quickly select a date for a date range and remember you can only select up to five consecutive days.

Tap one date or to select a range tap the first date and then tap the last date.

Remember, if you need to reset the dates and time, tap the Reset button.

Or if want to make an all-day booking, you can toggle on the All-day filter to find desks that are available for the entire day. Tap the All-day filter to turn it on and the From and To Time filters are hidden. date3.png
Or leave the All-day filter toggled off and use the From and To filters instead. You can drag the slider to specify the time window you need. date4.png

When you are ready to find available hotel desks that match your filters, tap the Find Desks button. The Select Floor screen displays the different floors that have available desks, ready for you to book.

Scroll down the list to find your ideal desk, maybe you want a quiet desk so you can focus or maybe you will want a desk that has some people around that will inspire your work from their buzz and energy.

When you find the desk you want, tap the Select Desk button.


The Select Desk screen displays and before you book the desk look to the bottom of the screen. If the floor has many desks to choose from, they will display in a desk selection list (see the arrow below). Have a quick swipe left of right to investigate where to sit on the floor. 


Or you can pinch and zoom the floor plan to explore the desks. Remember that you can tap the desk to display the Book Desk card.


When you have found the desk, tap the Book Desk icon and you have completed the booking.


Congratulations! You have successfully booked the desk and the booking will display on the Home screen.

After booking, you will be able to add the reservation to your calendar (note, the calendar on iOS 13 is currently unsupported).



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