Book a Hoteling Desk (Mobile)

SiQ Mobile App

You can quickly find and book hoteling desks on the SiQ Mobile App. 

Watch the Video

Watch this video to see how to book a hotel desk.


Follow the Steps

From SiQ Mobile Home, tap the Desk button.


Search for a building, city, state, or floor name. Then tap a location from the search results.


Tap one or more days; you can select up to five consecutive days.

To create a recurring booking or a booking longer than five days, you can use the Repeat booking option, which is described below. 


Choose a time frame. Tap Reset on the upper-right to clear your settings.

  • Toggle the All-day option
  • Set From and To and hours for your booking.
  • Tap the Repeat option to create a recurring desk booking. See Create a Recurring Desk Booking.


Tap Find Desks.


Scroll down to see all floors. Find a floor you want to book on and tap Select Desk.  


Scroll down to see all floors, and tap Select Desk on the floor you prefer. 


Choose a desk by tapping directly on a seat, or swipe through the desk options.

Get a better view of desks on the floor plan by pinching and zooming on your screen. 


When you have made a desk selection then tap the Book Desk button.

Your booking confirmation displays.


Tap the ok to close the confirmation and your booking will display on the Home screen.


When your hotel desk reservation is confirmed, you can add it to your calendar.

Note: The iOS 13 calendar is currently unsupported. 



Download the MP4 Video below