Two-Factor Authentication Settings

Within SiQ, we support two factor authentication (2FA) natively. We also have several SSO integrations that have their own 2FA implementations.

Turning on two factor authentication for your account will affect all users throughout your entire organization. The 2FA method we use is a one time pin (OTP) sent to the email address of the user who is trying to login.

To turn on two factor authentication, you will need to login as an Admin. Click on your name in the top right corner [1] and select Settings [2]. Under the Applications Settings section [3] you'll see an option to Enforce Two-Factor Authentication [4]:



You will not see the Enforce Two-Factor Authentication option if you have a SSO solution enabled. In that case, please see the respective integration documentation for details on turning on 2FA in their authentication scheme.

When that switch is flipped, users will be asked for a one-time pass code, and be given the option to remember their login device for two weeks:




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