Search and Filter the Moves

You can use the search and filters to find moves in the list.


The search criteria are different for Employee list and Spaces list.

Employee Moves

In the Search field, either enter the department name, employee’s name, or space’s name.

Space Updates

Click the Space Updates tab and then in the Search field, enter the name of the space.


The Move Orders screen can be customized so you can filter the moves for Planned, Re-activated, Completed, Cancel or for Tags.

Click the Move Filters view_filters_icon.png icon.

The Customize your view filter panel display.


For the filter you want to turn on, click the Filter On filter_on_icon.png icon. The list is filtered.

Click the X icon to close the Customize your view filter panel and the Move Filters view_filters_applied_icon.png icon displays green to indicated there are filters applied.

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