Add Space Icons

Space icons are the dots on individual workstations and meeting rooms.

These spaces are searchable, which allows users to find important rooms in the office, and they also contribute to SiQ’s insight into the usable square footage. There are two types of Spaces that you’ll see in the Add Space menu: Personal Spaces and Common Spaces.

Personal Spaces​

These are Space icons that represent individual seats at workstations and offices where individual employees can be assigned for temporary or long-term seating.

They all have the same set of attributes, those being coordinates, Size, Density, and Code [1]

When first placed on the map, they look like dark grey doughnuts [2].

We'll cover more about how personal work spaces are used and how they get their colors [3] in other content.


Common Spaces​

These are Space icons for larger areas such as conference rooms and reception areas. Assigning Space icons from the Common list makes it easier to find important common areas on the map through a search, which is helpful for SiQ users at all levels.

Common spaces all have the same green diamond icon appearance [1] and the same attributes, except for meeting rooms [2].

The different types of meeting rooms serve a special function in SiQ that allows people to reserve meeting spaces.

Common spaces have the same attributes as personal spaces (coordinates, Size, Density, Code) and an additional label field [3] that lets you change the associated text label of the work space on the map [4].


Add Icons

To add Space icons anywhere on the Floor Map:

  1. Click on the Add Space button
  2. Select the type of Space you want to assign from the drawer on the left side of the screen
  3. Fill in the Space Code field based and drag the Space icon to your desired location on the Floor Map

Move Space Icons

You can drag and drop Space icons within the Map Editor (pencil). Simply click to select the icon and then drag and drop to your desired location.

Delete Space Icons

To delete a Space icon or Pin in the Map Editor, simply click on the item in question. This brings up an editor drawer on the right side of the page, which offers a number of options, including a Delete button. To delete multiple items at once, press Shift and use the crosshair cursor to highlight the area. Deleting is a good idea if you’ve created temporary seats for short-term usage and don’t want unused seats showing up in your Portfolio stats.

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