Manage Overview

Your Administrator will complete the maintenance of your SiQ app.


Employees are normally created and maintained using the Employee Import. However, if your business has contactors you can manually add them to the Employee list.

See Manage Employees.


Lease details will help you create a more rich data set for your real estate portfolio. 

See Manage Leases.


Maintenance requests, work orders, or tickets can be viewed and managed.

See Create a Maintenance  Ticket.

Buildings and Floors

Manage all your organization's floors and buildings can be managed from one central location

See Manage Buildings and Floors.

Workplace Groups

Maintain the Workplace Groups names, can assign a color to the group, update the employee assigned, and the space assigned.

See Manage Workplace Groups.


Manage all the assets in your organization from a high level.

See Manage Assets.


Manage the neighborhoods where you can associate department's employees to seats and then employees can sit where they like. 

See Manage Neighborhoods.


Manage who is assigned to each department/team, and which spaces are assigned to each department/team. 

See Manage Departments.


Admins can manage Hotel Desk Bookings on behalf of Departments and Workplace groups.

See Manage Hotel Bookings.


If you want to see the import history for Projections for Buildings or Floors.

See View Projections Import History.