Manage Departments

Departments and teams for your organization are usually created when importing your list of employees. If you want to make changes to the number of departments or teams, simply perform a new employee import with new data in those fields.

You can however change who is assigned to each department/team, and which spaces are assigned to each department/team. Teams in SiQ act as optional sub-departments. An employee can only be a member of one department at a time and one team at a time.


Navigate to Departments

To access the Department's management page, first, login as an admin or department admin, and click on the Manage main menu icon [1]. Then click on Departments in the submenu [2]:



On the Departments page, you can enter a partial search term [1] then click within the results [2]. Any departments that have teams will list the number of teams thereunder [3], and clicking on the team count will expand the team list [4]:


View Department

Clicking on the name of any department or team [1] will open up a window for your selection that lets you change the department or team color [2]. See our article on map colors for more information on how department and team colors are shown. This same module lists all employees [3] and spaces [4] currently assigned to each department:


Back in the department list view, you can select multiple departments or teams with these check boxes [1] and change their color all at once [2]. Clicking on the small x will clear your selections [3]:



You can read more about assigning spaces to departments in Floor Map Details. Assigning employees to departments is accomplished on the Employee Management page or by importing a CSV file to update employee department and team assignments in bulk.

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