Create and Manage a Maintenance Ticket

When you're logged in as an admin, you can create and manage maintenance tickets from SiQ Web's Manage Ticket module.

Tickets can be managed via Ticket Module and also with applications like ServiceNow, Samange, Salesforce, or other common ticketing systems. When you're integrated with a ticketing system, i.e., ServiceNow, if you create custom filters in ServiceNow, only relevant tickets will appear in SiQ's Manage Tickets module. 

Tickets created in SiQ Mobile also appear in the Manage Tickets module. 


This article will teach you how to create a new maintenance ticket and find and update an existing maintenance ticket.



SiQ Web: Create and Manage Maintenance Tickets

Create a New Ticket

While logged into SiQ as an admin, click the Manage icon and select the Tickets tab.  SiQ will direct you to the Manage Tickets Module.


Here you'll find a list of all your maintenance tickets. Create a new ticket by clicking + New Ticket.


Enter all relevant information, including Title, Description, Status, and Priority. You can optionally Assign to an employee, enter a Location, or specify a Due date.

These are some of your field options:

Status - Open; In Progress; On Hold; Closed; Assigned; Resolved; Cancelled; Pending; Error

Priority - Critical; High; Medium; Low; Info

Assigned to (optional) - search for and choose an employee from the list

Location (optional) - select from your office locations

Due date (optional) - scroll through the calendar to select a due date


Click Create to save your ticket.


 Close the ticket by clicking the x on the upper right of the ticket.


Find a Ticket

In the Manage Tickets module, you can filter your tickets by Status, Location, assignment, or by the person who created the ticket so that you only see those tickets relevant to you.



Update a Ticket 

From the list of maintenance tickets, click on a ticket to open it.tickets7.jpg


Click the pencil icon.


You can record your maintenance ticket's progress by typing in the Description field. You can also modify Status, Priority, ticket Assigned to, Location, or Due Date. When you’re finished, click UPDATE.


Close the ticket by clicking the x on the upper right-hand side. 



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