Set Up Health Screenings

When your business needs to ensure that employees are healthy before coming into the office, use SiQ's Health Screening feature. When enabled, health checks are sent to employees who can confirm that they are symptom-free well before check-in time.


Turn on Health Screenings

In the top-right corner, click your username and then click Settings.

From the left menu, click Desk Booking Settings.

Scroll down to find Health Screening, then toggle the setting ON.


Your Health Screening settings will expand. You can customize these settings to control the timing of employee and admin notifications and customize health check messages. 

Set Up Employee Notifications

You can specify when health checks become available for employees to complete; employees are sent a reminder notification as soon as their health check becomes available.

Under Employee Notifications, specify how soon health checks become available before a reservation start time:


For example, if you specify 12 hrs before booking time, an employee with a 9 am reservation will receive a notification at 9 pm the night before, reminding them that they need to complete a health check. As soon as they receive the email, they'll be able to complete their health check.


Set Up Admin Notifications

Admin notification settings are located in Desk Booking Settings, in the Health Screening section.Admin_Notification1.jpg

What Admin Notifications Look Like

SiQ sends out a health status notification email to all admins when employees don't complete their health checks. Those emails look like this:



Email alerts allow admins to cancel a booking and free up valuable hotel desk space.

You can turn admin health status notifications on and off and specify the timing of those emails. 

Turn Admin Notifications On or Off

By default, admin health status notification emails are turned ON.


Individual admins can turn these emails off in their personal User Settings.


Health status emails can be turned off system-wide by an admin with full SiQ permissions by toggling Admin Notifications to OFF, which means that no admin will receive health status emails. 



Specify When Admin Notifications Are Sent

Admin notifications are sent out a specific number of hours after health checks become available to employees before a booking.
Enter a number of hours in this setting:
For example, an employee has a 9 am booking and can complete their health check at 9 pm the night before. So, if you specify...
... admins will receive an email at 7 am letting them know that the employee hasn't completed their health check.

Customize Health Check Messages

We provide a default message for health checks, but you can customize your health check message and the confirmation button employees see in Health Screening settings.


  • Customize your health check message: click into Text on Message and change your health check message text.
    • There is no limit to how long your message can be.
    • If you want to include a link in your health check, you can add a hyperlink in the message text.
      For example:
      "Please refer to our company's back-to-work health policy"
  • Customize your confirmation button:  click into Confirmation Button Text and type new wording.

When you're finished making changes, click the Save button.

This is an example of a modified health check in settings:


This is an example of a modified in-app health check message:


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