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SiQ allows you to search for people on SiQ Web so you can see their department and seating information.

If your administrator has enabled employee bookings search, after you've searched for a coworker's booking, your search results will display links to their booking. Follow this link to view additional booking information. You can also search for people on the SiQ Mobile App. If you don't have these features enabled, contact your SiQ administrator.

This article walks you through searching for people on the SiQ Web App.

Search for a Coworker 

When logged into the SiQ Web app, navigate to the floor map. 



In Search, enter the name of the person you want to find. Once the search results are displayed, you'll see the person's name and their associated bookings.


If the person has a multi-day booking, the date range will be displayed next to the search results.

If your administrator has enabled bookings search, you'll see a desk booking listing next to the employee's name. Click the link to locate the booking on the floor map.

Select the person and their location.


A data drawer will open with information about their booking, and their location on the floor map will be circled in green. You can zoom into the floor map to see the seat more clearly.


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