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When you log in as an employee (viewer) in the SiQ Web App, you can book a hotel desk. You can check into the desk when your booking is ready, or you can cancel the reservation if you no longer need it.

You can book a desk from two locations:


Book a Hotel Desk from Book Desk

You can book a hotel desk from the Book Desk filter, which allows you to select future dates. To access this, click the Book Desk viewer_book_desk_icon.png icon.


The floor map displays the hotel desk's availability when making a future booking. Available hotel desks appear in green;  unavailable hotel desks appear in grey.

Click the Book Desk filter.


In the Book Desk Filter dialog, select the date range and then either:

  • Select the From Time and To Time to specify the time window
  • OR click the All Day Booking toggle.

Click the UPDATE button.


The hotel desks are filtered, and available hotel desks display in green.

Click the hotel desk you want to book and then click the BOOK NOW button.


The hotel desk is booked instantly, and the booking can be found in My Bookings.

Book a Hotel Desk from Floor Map

Hotel desks can also be booked from the floor map. 


Navigate the floor map to find a hotel desk and remember that hotel desks have a Turquoise center. This desk is a hotel desk and as it has no outer color anyone can book this desk.



A desk has been assigned to a department if it has a turquoise center and a different outer color. Only the people from the assigned department and/or workplace group can book these desks. 

For example, this desk is for the Operations department:


When you zoom into the floor map, you can see that the desk is for the Claims team.


An employee from the Claims team can book this desk. Click the BOOK DATE button [1].


The Book desk dialog displays.


Select the date range [1] and then either:

  • Select a From Time and a To Time to specify the time window
  • OR click the All Day Booking toggle [2]

When ready, click the BOOK button. The hotel desk is instantly booked, and the booking can be found in My Bookings.


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