About SiQ Web App and the Employee Experience

Employees on SiQ Web can search for coworkers, book meeting rooms, and book hotel desks. An employee who logs into SiQ has Viewer access. 

For more information about what Viewers can access in SiQ, see SiQ User Roles Overview and User Role Matrix.

What an employee can do in SiQ Web

On the SiQ Web App, employees can:

An Employee with an Assigned Seat

When an employee logs into SiQ Web, they'll see a You are here label on their assigned seat when they view it on the Floor Plan.  


An Employee in a Neighborhood

A neighborhood is a group of seats where any number of employees or departments can be assigned. Employees within neighborhoods do not have specific, assigned seating. An employee can be assigned to more than one neighborhood. 

On the floor plan, dots with purple centers indicate a neighborhood seat. Employees can switch between floor plans and view neighborhoods located on each floor.



Click and drag or zoom in and out of the floor plan to get a better view. Hover over a neighborhood seat to display the neighborhood's name.