Quick Search for a Meeting Room

SiQ Mobile App


You can search for a conference room on SiQ Mobile so you can more easily find your meeting. 

Open your SiQ Mobile app and tap into the search field.  You can also tap search at the bottom of your screen. 


You'll see a list of recent searches. If you see the meeting room you're looking for, tap on it.


If you don't see the result you're looking for, type the name of the meeting room directly into the search field. 


When you tap on a meeting room listing, you'll be taken to a summary screen that displays the room's occupancy limit and its location on a floor map.


Change your floor map view by tapping and dragging the map. You can also pinch to zoom in-and-out.


You can tap the Zoom icon  zoom_in_icon.png  which will take you to the meeting room and enlarge your view.


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